I am an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and writer exhibiting nationally and internationally primarily using sound, sculpture, drawing, film and  live art. I am motivated by the need to explore and understand the why’s, what’s and how’s in an experimental practice that lies at the intersection of fine art and philosophy. Concerned with time and space particularly  transitory spaces such as borders and the moment where one thing becomes another; ideas generated by found objects, dropped words, snippets of light; materials and process. I have sailed paper boats down the Mekong River to look borderlines; blown across a bottle top in Norway; recorded 60,000 bees in Birmingham and hummed in a crypt in Sardinia. I also develop peer critique networks, collaborations and communal ways of working including Skype as a means of artistic input. Current focus is on sound and silence and the intersection of body, space and sound which follows on from my practice-led PhD research.